A very chardy chicken

Hidden veggie: rainbow chard

Walking by the grocery stores is such a colorful experience. By far, the most colorful things you see in the fresh produce section is the rainbow chard.

While my kids woudn't eat the stew as-is, they did LOVE the wrap I made combining the chicken, a little gravy and rolling it up in a warm tortilla. That was a home run. It was just a chicken taco and for added cream on top, just sprinkle a little cheese. This is one way your man (or woman) and your little ones can be all be a happy bunch!

 bright red, yellow purple and red stalks and veins


With bright red, yellow purple and red stalks and veins it makes for a delicious salad or a quick stir fry. Of course, give that to some picky eaters - even the color is not going to fly ;)

I see the challenge of getting my family to eat these greens as a step-by-step process. First, it has to be less intimidating! So, I employed my son to help me. And he thoroughly enjoys the process!


In this recipe, he helped me with picking out the cilantro, mint and the rainbow chard. He was very proud to eat it after as well, and for starters, he knows a new green!

For me the positive was he ate his meal knowing what was in it! That's a start eh?: Watch the full video below for the recipe!

A very chardy chicken


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