You say beignet, I say, beignet-wich!

You say beignet, I say, beignet-wich!

Homemade beignet sandwich with two unique sauces!

Sauced and served!

If you have ever visited New Orleans, you know of all the other great things the city is famous for, Cafe Du Monde and its beignets hold a special place.

So our team decided to create an innovation and make these beignets, turned into a sandwich later! Guess we all love getting crafty in the itchen! 

The secret to this recipe is its sauces that are drizzled on top!


Ingredients: (Curry Ketchup Sauce) 

“Curry Ketchup”! You can dress up that juice meat or veggie burger Or a sandwich or a wrap or a #wunder Nuggets beignet sandwich, with this super simple three-ingredient recipe!

1. 1 cup organic ketchup
2.  2 tsp Madras curry powder (most grocery stores carry it)
3.  1 tsp of oil

Cooking Method:

- On a stovetop, in a small warm saucepan, add the oil, and the curry powder and immediately add the ketchup. You just want the oil to touch the curry powder, not roast it which will yank all the taste out of it and burn it too quick.

- Stir in the ketchup, simmer and cool down before transferring to a bottle.

Ingredients: Cumin Yogurt Sauce

The Cumin Yogurt Sauce is the most requested recipe. Almost always, people ask us - “are you selling this sauce?” And almost always, our response is, “not now, but maybe one day :)”

The best part - even a 9 yr old can make it.

- 1 cup plain yogurt - a pinch himalayan pink salt
- 1/4 tsp ground cumin powder
- Stir and serve with any hot or cold appetizers, or sprinkle on a sandwich

Now go ahead and drizzle those sauces to make yourself customized spiced up beignets!

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