Dip and Slurp Series #01

Dip and Slurp Series #01

Easy Plant-Based Protein Snack

Delicious Vegan Dip

Our WunderNuggets can be enjoyed in so many ways, but few are as enjoyable as dip and slurp. One of our favorites to dip with is Bitchin’ Sauce. Trust us, this is a vegan power combo that will have you addicted.


There are infinite recipes to use our WunderNuggets in and none will steer you wrong, but sometimes simple is all you need. Few are as enjoyable as the dip and slurp method and who better than our Founder & CEO to show you just how to do it?


She kicks off this series by pairing our Mediterranean Lentil WunderNuggets with Bitchin’ Sauce. Get ready for this vegan power combo because it packs a one-two punch with bold flavors and plant-based protein. 



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