Dip and Slurp Series #02

Dip and Slurp Series #02

Fast and Easy Vegan Soup

Delicious Plant-Based Protein Dip

Let’s talk soup. How good is your soup game? Is it dip and slurp good? If not, never fear because that’s what the second installment of the Dip and Slurp Series is for. Our resident expert Hema is here again to show you how to step up your soup game with our WunderNuggets.


Pour your favorite soup into a bowl. Can’t decide? We highly recommend a creamy, dreamy butternut squash soup. The velvety texture is the perfect contrast with our crispy, crunchy WunderNuggets. Hema uses Mediterranean Lentil to pair with her soup, but feel free to use our other flavors to complement the flavors in your soup! Toast the WunderNuggets and break them up into smaller pieces that can easily fit onto your spoon. Simply sprinkle onto the soup and get on to dipping and slurping!


Can we share a secret? This is Hema’s favorite way to eat WunderNuggets. Now if that doesn’t convince you to try this Dip and Slurp method, we don’t know what will.



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