Fried Rice Fridays FTW! 💥

Fried Rice Fridays FTW! 💥

This plate of goodness is sure to light it up! Harissa spiced beet-y #Wundernuggets from your truly @mycraftycounter with some @omahasteaks seasoning mix. YUMMO!

Here’s our recipe hack::
~ Use 2 cups left over rice and crumble it up so its nice and evenly spread out
~ Pour some ghee in a wok
~ Add chopped bell peppers, stir for a couple mins
~ Add the salt & pepper seasoning mix (or any other steak seasoning thats a bit crunchy and not a fine powder)
~ Add 1 tbsp soy sauce and stir
~ Quickly add the rice and stir - you don’t want to seasoning or soy sauce to burn
~ Heat up the Harissa Bean Wunder Nuggets and place on top


You have 12 grams of plant protein from the nuggets and a healthy dose of carbs and veggies from the fried rice. Enjoy!
Find #wundernuggets at @walmart @central_market @krogerco direct ship or order online!

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