Healthy and easy to make appetizer for your house parties!

Savory tarts with Wundernuggets, chickpeas and grilled tofu

A healthy h'ordeuvres for your family and friends

If only you were wondering if we can serve Wundernuggets as a party snack? then this recipe is good news!

We are all about including more plant-based protein in our diet and so we have chickpea as one of our key ingredient in all our varieties. Also, known as garbanzo beans, chickpeas are a rich source of vitamins, minerals, and fiber and offer a variety of health benefits! 🙌🏻
Apart from all the health benefits, chickpeas also add a great texture to our nuggets, making them taste ‘WUNDER-FUL!

This appetizer is about chickpeas in and out! 


1. Boiled and sauteed chickpeas
2. Grilled tofu cubes
3. Avacado bites
4. Salsa
5. Original Rosemary Chicken Wundernuggets

Place them all on a savory tart and you are good to enjoy a chickpea treat!

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