Make this quick and healthy appetizer with Wundernuggets in 10 minutes!

Wundernuggets with sweet peppers and hummus 

An easy and quick appetizer!

We believe in eating more veggies, period.
Flexitarian eating is a must for one to have a nutritious and well-balanced meal. Original Rosemary Chicken Wundernuggets are packed with veggies- cabbage and cauliflower, chicken and whole grains perfectly seasoned to give you a tasty and additively delicious healthy nuggets.

In this recipe, we get creative and prepare this yummy treat in just 10 minutes!!

We have sweet peppers, cucumbers, Wundernuggets and lip-smacking hummus by Lantana. Together these items make a bomb of flavors and it's no less than a party in your mouth!


Hatch Chile Lantana Hummus
3 Pepper Hummus
Original Rosemary Chicken Wundernuggets 
Sliced Cucumber 
Sweet peppers 

Cooking Method:

1.Warm Wundernuggets in a toaster oven per directions (8 minutes at 400 degrees)
2. Slice the sweet peppers and arrange as shown above.

Get creative and try various arrangements for presentation! 👇🏻

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