Make a lunch plate with veggies, avocado and gluten free Wundernuggets

Easy lunch bowls that save the day for people on the go!

A perfect example of flexitarian living  

Wundernuggets are known for saving the day! Whenever you are running against time and need to make a quick guilt-free snack/lunch/dinner, think of Wundernuggets!

We could not be more than happy to know our customers share the same feeling. This gorgeous looking bowl is created by our lovely Elisabeth and we are humbled to be able to save many days for her, makes all our effort worth it.


On this yummy looking plate we have broccoli, avocado, Traderjoes ETBTB, sweet potato, and gluten and grain-free Rosemary Chicken Wundernuggets.



Wanna have something healthy and hassle-free? This meal idea is your savior!

Recipe and image credits: Elisabeth

Instagram Handle: @beingsimplywell

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