Make plant powered wraps with Wunder Nuggets!

Make plant powered wraps with Wunder Nuggets!

Delicious Lettuce Wrap with Minty Lentil and refreshing lemon tahini dressing!

Our Meatless Monday Special! 

We believe in making every Monday, Earth Day with our Meatless Mondays. Why follow Meatless Mondays? One strong reason, it's good for you and its good for the planet! If we take care of ourselves and our planet, then life is never going to be hard, neither for us nor for our next generations!

Incorporating a 100% vegan diet once a week is great for your health and today we are going to share a recipe using one of the healthiest greens- Lettuce! 

Lettuce is wildly popular as a salad vegetable around the world. Lettuce leaves are often the primary ingredients in salads of various kinds. Crunchy and fresh lettuce leaves can be used for sprucing up any snack. They are great for weight loss as they have no cholesterol or fat, but instead, they have high water content and improve the immunity of our body.

We plan to wrap all the goodness of lettuce leaves with our vegan variety- Minty Lentil Wunder Nuggets and top it off with some delicious lemon tahini dressing. 


Lettuce leaves
Chopped Cucumber
Chopped Tomatoes
Minty Lentil Wunder Nuggets

For the lemon tahini dressing, you need-
1/2 cup tahini
juice from 1 lemon
1 Tbsp. olive oil
pink salt and black pepper to taste
1/4 cup plus water to desired thickness
1 tsp. raw honey (optional)

Cooking Method:

1. Blend all ingredients of dressing together and chill until ready to serve 
2. Meanwhile, cook Wunder Nuggets in a conventional oven for 8 minutes at 400  degrees
3. Place them on the lettuce leaves along with other veggies
4. Drizzle the blended and chilled tahini dressing on top! 

Super easy to make, delicious and nutritious! Have a great Meatless Monday with these little wraps!

Recipe and image credits- Marisa Griggs
Follow her on her Instagram Handle- @bliss_by_ris


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