Must have dips and sides to make nuggets a happy meal!

Wundernuggets accompaniments

Know what pairs well with these wunder-bites!

The beauty of Wundernuggets is you can get as creative as possible and prepare a super exotic, and healthy meal in just a few minutes! You obviously can choose to have them as it as but if you want to know good dips and sides that go well, check out this recipe. 

This gorgeous plate by Libby Flavin that she beautifully created using pretty simple and easy to get ingredients. 


1. Gluten and Grain-Free Wundernuggets
2. Honey mustard dipping sauce
3. Avocado
4. Pickled beets
5. Garlicky carrot fries

You can absolutely add your choice of veggies to the plate too. All that matter is we eat more veggies and well-balanced meals. If you have such more ideas on how to dress up Wundernuggets, please comment below.

Recipe and Image Credits: Libby Flavin 


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