Party Prep in Purple - Vegan Wrap Recipe

Party Prep in Purple - Vegan Wrap Recipe

Delicious Vegan Wrap 

Our take on "Party Prep in Purple"

How do you party prep in purple, kick off your Friday evening with a drink in your hand and a flavor-packed plant-based meal? Our answer to this tall order is our WunderNuggets cabbage wraps! It's healthy, easy to make party dish, ready in under 10 minutes and a 100% vegetarian, vegan friendly. 

Our favorite vegan dips and sides

This recipe features some of our favorite vegan food brands that are an absolute dream pairing our WunderNuggets with:

  • @credofoods cashew queso
  • @sietefoods grainfree lime tortilla chips
  • @thecoconutcult yogurt
  • @shar.snacks trail mix





  1. Warm the WunderNuggets in a toaster oven or air fryer until crunchy.
  2. Scoop out some cabbage wraps.
  3. Arrange the WunderNuggets with sliced bell peppers and avocados
  4. Drizzle plain vegan yogurt and cashew queso. If you want a slight touch of sweetness, you can mix the yogurt with their chocolate mousse!
  5. Sprinkle some nuts.
  6. Pour yourself some vino.
  7. Dig in and party!

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