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Plant Protein Powered Avocado Toast

Who doesn't love avocado toast? Hint: No one. That's exactly why we had to create a plant protein powered avocado toast with the addition of some WunderBites. WunderBites have 6-12 grams of protein in each serving and are made with chickpeas, lentils and fresh veggies. Basically, they are the perfect topping for avocado toast with their added protein and delicious crunch. 

Keep reading to learn exactly how to make our plant protein powered avocado toast! 


- Slather some butter on sourdough bread

- Toast it on a pan both sides to get a nice crunch

- Mash up some avocados with lime, salt and black pepper 

- Slather the avocado mash on the toast

- Add some lettuce, tomatoes, red onion and sprouts 

- Top it off with WunderBites 

- Go to town with the crunch and munch!


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