10 min gluten-free salad bowls are the best!

Easy to make gluten-free salads packed with nutrition

A gluten-free chicken nugget salad treat!

Everyone who is looking for nutritious and tasty gluten-free food options will fall in love with this salad bowl!

Our Gluten-free Rosemary Chicken Wundernuggets is nothing but cabbage, cauliflower, chickpeas, and real chicken! The seasoning is on point and bound to make you go for the whole bag. But wait for a second, what if we told you that adding these wunder-bites to your salad bowl will make your salad even more wholesome?

One would walk a thousand miles for a colorful bowl like this! A beautiful creation by Leah Goldglantz - how simple and yet wholesome.


In her bowl are roasted sweet potatoes, arugula and tahini dressing with Gluten & Grain Free Rosemary Chicken Wundernuggets. 

Toss them all up and dig in! As simple as it can get.

Recipe and Image Credits: Leah Goldglantz
Instagram Handle: @leahsplate

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