Salad creation becomes super simple and nutrition packed

Wundernuggets with air-fried veggies!

Easy salads for a happy gut

Salads are no more boring! The various kinds of innovation we can do by just adding our favorite veggies and Wundernuggets is mind-blowing!

You wanna know what Wundernuggets adds to your salad? Since they are made with 50% chicken and 50% veggies and plant-based protein, you get a good chunk of vitamins and protein in your diet! 


This refreshing bowl is a creation of Alec Treffers and we thank her for sharing Wunder-love with all. Check out the ingredients below:


1. Lettuce

2. Air fried Carrots

3. Air fried Zucchini

4. Original Rosemary Chicken Wundernuggets 

Good and gut-friendly meals need not always be complicated and this salad idea is a perfect example of that!

Image and recipe credits: Alec Treffers

Instagram Handle: @whataleeats



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