Southwest Salad with Harissa Bean Wunder Nuggets

Southwest Salad with Harissa Bean Wunder Nuggets

This ‘Southwest Salad’ recipe with a crunchy-beety-flavor bomb of Harissa Bean Wunder Nuggets sitting on top of a bed of peppery kale and some southwestern buddies (corn, black beans, ..) is an easy meal for anyone following a plant based diet. Each serving of Harissa Bean Wunder Nuggets has 12 grams of protein which makes this bowl a perfect anytime salad!

The trick with making kale taste delicious? Massage it with some oil, kosher salt, dash of lemon or vinegar and massage these tough leafy greens until you feel them softer, about a minute to two minutes. Don’t over massage the kale, otherwise they will taste rubbery versus soft crunch. If you love this diva, she will love you back, I promise! 


  • Fresh kale, center stem removed, chopped in large cuts
  • Place kale a wide mouth salad bowl
  • Sprinkle kosher salt, fresh pepper, oil and vinegar on the chopped kale
  • Massage the kale leaves for about two minutes 
  • Add some corn, black beans, fresh sweet peppers, tomatoes
  • Warm Harissa Bean Wunder Nuggets in toaster or conventional oven 
  • Serve them hot on the salad for some great protein addition to this colorful bowl
  • Drizzle your favorite creamy dressing. We suggest chipotle mayo. 


Clink on the image below for a video demonstration for this easy salad ready in minutes. 

Southwest salad with chipotle mayo

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