Veggie Pinwheels

Veggie Pinwheels

Veggie Wrap Pinwheels with Minty Lentil Wunder Nuggets

Packed with vegetables and nutrients, the Minty Lentil Wunder Nuggets add a lot of flavor to this Mediterranean inspired tortilla-wrapped deliciousness! These pinwheels can be a quick lunch for the kids or an easy appetizer. Either way, this easy vegetarian meal is a must try. 


  • Tortillas
  • Spinach
  • Hummus
  • Minty Lentil Wunder Nuggets
  • Sour cream or plain coconut yogurt


    1. Warm the tortilla on medium heat, make sure it doesn't crisp up too much
    2. Bake Wunder Nuggets in a toaster or conventional oven at 375 degrees for 7-8 minutes
    3. Layer the hummus, spinach and crumbled Wunder Nuggets
    4. Tightly roll it into a wrap
    5. Slice the wrap diagonally at an angle to make the pinwheels
    6. Season plain yogurt or dairy free coconut yogurt with salt and pepper
    7. Drizzle over the pinwheels

    Minty Lentil Wundernuggets

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