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Taste, Texture and Usage


Who should buy WunderBites?

What is the texture like?

How do I store them?

What's the best way to heat the WunderBites up?

Are WunderBites allergen safe?

Are WunderBites gluten-free?

Do WunderBites have oil in them?

Shipping & Returns

How do you ship WunderBites?

Once I place the order, when I can expect delivery?

What is your return policy?

Subscription Plans

I want to subscribe and save, but what if I change my mind after I have signed up?

How often do I get billed on a subscription?



Are WunderBites a fit for my store?

We see that you are only in the southern region. Are you ready to expand distribution?


Can we have WunderBites at our school cafeteria / daycare?

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