Taste, Texture and Usage


Who should buy Wundernuggets?

What is the texture like?

How do I store them?

What's the best way to heat the wundernuggets up?

Is the flavor of rosemary too strong?

How does it compare with other chicken or vegan nuggets in the market?

Is Wunderuggets just for kids? Can college students or adults have them too?

I don't care too much for mint, what do I do?

Shipping & Returns

How do you ship wundernuggets?

Once I place the order, when I can expect delivery?

What is your return policy?

Subscription Plans

I want to subscribe and save, but what if I change my mind after I have signed up?

How often do I get billed on a subscription?



Are wundernuggets a fit for my store?

We see that you are only in the southern region. Are you ready to expand distribution?


Can we have wundernuggets at our school cafeteria / daycare?

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