Crafty Counter's Founder Story


dear friends

I want to share a little about the journey with you.

When I first began Crafty Counter, I wanted to help others who were like me – parents who wanted better food options for their families. Trying to find high-quality, convenient, minimally-processed, veggie and protein full foods that were not only edible, but that actually tasted delicious was about as successful as searching for a unicorn!

I decided to get to work to make something myself that I could feel good about. I also wanted something convenient that my husband and kids would be excited about eating, yet that didn’t compromise my values around simple, high-quality food. WunderNuggets were born, with a variety of vegetarian and blended protein options.

Hello there

caring about our Planet

I began talking to poultry farmers across the country, to broaden our sources beyond our chosen high-quality supplier. I learned more about what intensive factory farming is. My heart began to hurt when I learned about the conditions in which many chickens are raised. Only a few hand-picked local companies and very few national companies are raising chickens as they were meant to be raised – naturally bred, pasture fed, humanely treated, and antibiotic free. Not only that, there is an impact to the Earth of factory-farming so many chickens. By continuing to make blended chicken/veggie nuggets I began to feel that we were contributing to the problem. More chickens being artificially raised to meet a growing demand hurts the animals, hurts our bodies, hurts the environment, and, by extension, hurts the next generation.

50 billion chickens are slaughtered for food every year.


And, this, my friends, is why I said we are “evolving.” Once I learned more about the bigger picture, I realized that our circle of influence is not just your table, but it is also the community, farmland, our food systems, and the environment. The choices we all are making affect future generations. That’s how powerful it is when you walk into a grocery store, pick up a product, and put it into your cart. Your choice is not just affecting what you’re going to eat for dinner, but how the next generation will experience the environment.

Once I had that understanding, there was no going back. I realized that my impact could be in taking a bigger stand for me, my family, and for our customers. I set out to make vegetarian foods that are so delicious that people won’t even miss the meat. If Crafty Counter can be part of a movement to provide whole-food plant-based protein options that don’t require you to compromise even a tiny bit on taste, then the demand for animals will decline. Change begins with one person taking one tiny step. With one company using its voice to share information to empower people to make informed decisions. So, my friends, we pivoted. WunderNuggets were discontinued, and we set out on a new mission deeply rooted in purpose.


I knew I wanted to incorporate the flavors of my mother’s wonderful Indian cooking, and so I created an elevated everyday bite inspired by world flavors. Welcome to a new day, with WunderBites, made with the wholesome source of real protein – lentils and legumes that come from the earth and are nutrient dense powerhouses – instead of processed ingredients. They have a chockfull of vegetables and will continue to deliver the outstanding taste and texture you’ve come to expect. What more, my family and I turned vegetarian and on the road to a primarily a vegan lifestyle. But, letting the story end there just wasn’t going to work for me – hah! I didn’t want to eat meat, chicken or chicken eggs anymore, but I didn’t want to never eat eggs again. How could I make a plant-based egg that would look like a hardboiled egg, slice like a hardboiled egg, and taste incredibly like a hardboiled egg? All I can say is that at initial taste testings, people have gone gaga for WunderEggs. That makes me so happy, but I’m also thrilled because WunderEggs align with our values to provide food that nourishes our bodies and our planet – no compromises!


Founder & CEO
Crafty Counter