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dear friends

I’m Hema Reddy, I want to share a little about the journey with you.

When I first began Crafty Counter, I wanted to help others who were like me – parents who wanted better food options for their families. Trying to find high-quality, convenient, minimally-processed, veggie and protein-full foods that were not only edible, but that actually tasted delicious was about as successful as searching for a unicorn!

I decided to get to work to make something myself that I could feel good about. I also wanted something convenient that my husband and kids would be excited about eating, yet that didn’t compromise my values around simple, high-quality food. WunderNuggets were born, with a variety of vegetarian and blended protein options.

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caring about our Planet

I began talking to poultry farmers across the country, to broaden our sources beyond our chosen high-quality supplier. My heart began to hurt when I learned about the conditions in which many chickens are raised. Only a few companies were raising chickens as they were meant to be raised – naturally bred, pasture-fed, humanely treated, and antibiotic free. Not only that, there is an impact on the Earth from factory-farming so many chickens. By continuing to make blended chicken/veggie nuggets I began to feel that we were contributing to the problem. Fast forward to 2020, where we pivoted to a 100% plant-based company, discontinued all our chicken-based products, and launched WunderBites, a delicious blend of lentils and vegetables, inspired by cuisines around the world.

50 billion chickens are slaughtered for food every year.


The true transformation happened when my whole carnivore family went fully vegetarian, on a journey to be vegan. It was then that I realized how much I missed eating eggs in various forms. After two and half years in development, we are proud to say that WunderEggs look, taste, and feel very similar to a chicken egg. On top of that, they are packed with plant protein and nutrients, but contain no cholesterol! In March 2022, WunderEggs won the coveted industry award of “Best New Meat Alternative 2022” from an expert panel of judges at New Hope Network and the food & beverage industry. WunderEggs launched in January 2023 at Whole Foods nationwide, and continues to show up in retail stores nationwide.. After countless hours of hard work and dedication, we are so proud to launch a product that aligns with our values to provide food that nourishes our bodies and our planet with no compromises!


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