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What are WunderEggs?

WunderEggs are the world's first whole food, plant-based and vegan hard-boiled egg, made with simple and minimally processed ingredients. They look, taste, and feel just like a real chicken egg, minus the chicken! It’s no eggs-aggeration, they are all they’re cracked up to be!

What's the texture of your vegan eggs?

The vegan and plant-based "hard-boiled" style of WunderEggs tastes very similar to a chicken egg. The vegan egg white is crisp and the yolk is creamy like a perfectly hard-boiled chicken egg. Of course, there will be slight subjective differences but we believe WunderEggs are superior in taste and texture to chicken eggs.

What does your vegan hard-boiled eggs taste like?

Taste is a very subjective experience, but we are told by early adopters that our vegan WunderEggs are superior in taste compared to chicken eggs.

Are WunderEggs 100% vegan?

Yes! WunderEggs are made with naturally vegan cashews, almonds, and other plant-based ingredients.

Why did you make vegan hard-boiled eggs?

In short, we LOVE eggs! But we wanted to find a kinder way to eat eggs, that was better for the planet, the chickens, and our bodies. For more about our mission, please refer to this page that shows our WHY.

Where can I buy WunderEggs?

Our WunderEggs are available at Whole Foods Market nationwide! Check our store locator to find a location near you. We will be expanding in retail starting in the Spring of 2023. You can also buy them on our website and they come in a box with 6 trays.

Do you have recipes?

Yes! Check out our blog here or our Instagram page here.


Product and ingredients

How do I store WunderEggs?

WunderEggs should be stored in the refrigerator.

Can WunderEggs be frozen?

At this time, WunderEggs cannot be frozen. Freezing will alter the texture of our eggs.

Can WunderEggs be heated?

While they can be slightly warmed up or added to hot recipes, they are meant to be eaten cold or at room temperature. If you want to warm them up lightly, do not microwave them for more than 20 seconds.

What's the shelf-life of WunderEggs?

From the date of production, they are good for 135 days. Check the date on the back of the packaging for expiration.

Once the tray is open, how many days do I have to eat the WunderEggs?

After opening, we recommend finishing the tray within 7 days.

Are WunderEggs ready to eat?

Yes! WunderEggs are ready-to-eat. Just sprinkle a little bit of the black salt sachet included in your tray for the ultimate experience.

How many WunderEggs come in a package?

Our trays come with 3 whole vegan eggs that are split into halves, so there are 6 halves. When you place an order online, you will receive 6 trays with 6 half WunderEggs.

What are WunderEggs made of?

WunderEggs are primarily made from almonds, cashews, and coconut.

Are there any artificial ingredients in WunderEggs?

Not at all. Our vegan egg substitutes are made with only all-natural ingredients. We take great pride in offering a plant-based egg alternative made with real food and no junk ingredients!

What is the "natural flavor" in your ingredients list?

The ingredients in natural flavors are non-GMO project-verified and 100% vegan. We cannot disclose the sub-ingredients, since it's proprietary information. If there is an issue with your dietary preferences, we completely understand. WunderEggs are Swaminarayan diet friendly. They do not include onion, garlic, scallion, shallots, or chives.

Are WunderEggs gluten-free?

Yes, our WunderEggs are 100% gluten-free and soy-free.

Are WunderEggs allergen safe?

WunderEggs are free from 7 of the top 8 allergens. They have no egg, shellfish, soybeans, wheat, peanuts, dairy, or fish ingredients.

Will you make a nut-free version of WunderEggs?

The use of nuts is necessary to create a realistic boiled egg that has the same taste and texture as a traditional egg. At this time, we cannot create WunderEggs without using nuts.

What is black salt?

Known in South Asia as kala namak, Indian black salt (also called Himalayan black salt) is a volcanic rock salt found in areas surrounding the Himalayas and parts of Northern India. It has a sulfurous smell and adds to the WunderEggs experience.

What is Annatto?

Annatto is an orange-red condiment and food coloring derived from the seeds of the achiote tree, native to tropical America. It is often used to impart a yellow or orange color to foods, but sometimes also for its flavor and aroma.

What is Konjac?

Konjac, also known as elephant yam, is a plant commonly grown in Asia. It's a starchy bulb root, known as a corm, and is used to make food like noodles and rice.

What is Agar?

Agar is a plant-based gelatin derived from seaweed.

I notice some slight discoloration between the yolk and the white, is this normal?

Yes, it's called color migration and can sometimes happen. Because we use all-natural ingredients and the egg white has more water content, the humidity can make the yolk slightly leak into the white. This won't affect the taste or quality of the product in any way.

Are they made in a facility that also handles dairy and egg?

No, the facility that makes our WunderEggs does not make other products containing dairy or eggs.


Orders and packaging

Once I place the order, when I can expect delivery?

We ship orders every Monday and Tuesday by FedEx 2-Day. To ensure the highest quality upon receiving, we process all orders received after 12 p.m. on Tuesday to be shipped the following Monday. Please make a note in your calendar to expect delivery within 1-2 weeks or so after your purchase.

How do you ship WunderEggs?

We take great care in ensuring that WunderEggs get to you in the best quality possible. Given they are refrigerated, we place the trays in thick foam containers and add ice packs to ensure cold temperatures are maintained. We highly recommend bringing the container inside the house as soon as you receive it.

I placed an order a couple of weeks ago but haven't received the shipping notification. What should I do?

We do small production runs and it can sometimes happen that we run out of WunderEggs and need to restock our fulfillment center. If that happens, we will send you an update via email with a new shipping window. If you have any further questions regarding your order, you can email us at

Why do you ship in packs of 6?

The costs of shipping materials (ice packs, recyclable foam container, otterbox) plus shipping & handling prohibit us from selling smaller quantities. Thanks for your understanding!

Why is shipping so expensive?

Perishable shipping and handling are cost-intensive (ice packs, recyclable foam containers, and outer boxes combined with warehousing, and handling). We also use real, high-quality ingredients, with minimal processing, which requires us to use innovative technologies that are pricier than mainstream food processing.

What is your return policy?

WunderEggs are refrigerated and we take great care in ensuring a good experience. However, because this is a perishable product we do not accept returns. We are 100% committed to customer satisfaction and offer refunds and/or replacements on a case-by-case basis if there's an issue with the product. Refund/Replacement requirements are: description of product and photos of product and packaging.

Do you ship worldwide?

Not at this time. WunderEggs are available in the continental U.S. only.

Is your packaging sustainable?

The cardboard sleeve can be recycled as is. The tray is a #5 PP plastic that must be washed before recycling. Please check your local recycling center's rules to see if it can be recycled curbside or through drop-off. The plastic film cannot be recycled at this time. We are working on being 100% full-chain recyclable in the next 2-3 years.