How To Keep Your Spinach Fresh For Over 7 Days

How To Keep Your Spinach Fresh For Over 7 Days

Increasing the shelf life of spinach

Storing spinach such that it stays fresh longer

Summer or winter or any season, spinach is a leafy green that perks up any salad or green smoothie. The buttery texture lends itself nicely to so many cuisines and dishes, that it's easily the favorite of most people.

However, a common complaint I always have when buying it from the store is, it dies or wilts on me in two days. Now, I don't know about you, but I certainly don't shop for the next two days. I usually shop for the whole week. I want to have some greens in my every-other-day green smoothie and I want to have some on standby for a quick a salad or a sandwich or a wrap. My favorite of course is making basil pesto with spinach and/or kale.

None of the above dishes can use beat up wilted 'blackened' spinach, now, can they? So, I started looking into and trying various ways to increase the shelf life. And this method that we talk about below, has worked for me so well for the past 3 years, that I guarantee you will not toss out any box of spinach in under 4-7 days!

The shelf life of spinach went from 2-3 days to 7-8 days with this storage trick.

— Hema Reddy



The best part - It's so easy that you can employ your kids!

The day you get your groceries from the store, you have gotta pull the family in, either yourself, or your better half or your 6/7/8+ yr old to help with prep.

A big empty container
Two sheets of paper towels
Two slices of bread (if you have gluten allergies, just replace with more paper towels)


Empty all the spinach into the bigger bowl
Place a paper towel at the bottom of the original container that you purchased the spinach in
Layer some spinach
Split the slice of bread into two or three slices and layer on top of the spinach
Add more spinach, and repeat with 4)
Top off with the remaining spinach, and place the second paper towel on top
Close the lid, and refrigerate

If you want to watch us share the method, you can watch us on Facebook Live as well.

If you want to watch us share the method, you can watch us on Facebook Live as well. This is prior to our session :)

  Before we went live on Facebook!

Before we went live on Facebook!


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  • Found out by completely by accident just putting a dry paper towel on top of spinach in sealed plastic container keeps my spinach fresh for weeks! This was spinach purchased in cellophane bag. I could not believe it!


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