Crafty Counter gets featured in the Chief Executive Group

The story of manufacturing Wunder Nuggets  

Article by Dale Buss at Chief Executive Group

Manufacturing indeed has been THE hardest part of our food startup and Dale Buss at Chief Executive Group does an excellent job in sharing the mission, journey and challenges so far! Thrilled to be recognized in this publication.


The chicken nugget has been an icon of American food manufacturing—and a staple of mainstream menus—for decades, but Hema Reddy has come along with a new way to make nuggets. The founder of startup Crafty Counter has put a “flexitarian” twist on the product in a pitch to the sensibilities of mindful moms but with an appeal to the picky palates of their children.

Under the brand Wunder Nuggets, the former IBM executive-turned-healthy-food entrepreneur has managed to come up with a manufacturing approach and market proposition that have landed her products in an important test in Walmart stores after just two years on the market.

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