Deviled WunderEggs are available nationwide at Whole Foods Market 🎉

Deviled WunderEggs are available nationwide at Whole Foods Market 🎉

Plant-Based, Vegan Deviled WunderEggs Launch at Stores Nationwide! 

Huge News!!! Deviled WunderEggs are now available nationwide at every Whole Foods location!

Deviled eggs are symbolic of holidays, gatherings, get togethers with friends and loved ones. It's the most popular "hors d'oeuvre" almost like America's sweetheart appetizer :) 

At Crafty Counter, we are passionately dedicated to pushing the boundaries of innovation, crafting memorable products that make eating plant-based foods enjoyable and delightful. Deviled WunderEggs epitomize this mission, taking it to the next level.

This nationwide rollout is all due to the efforts of five key entities:

1. The Launch Partner x Whole Foods

Launching a new product as a direct request from our primary retail partner is the ultimate endorsement. Deviled WunderEggs exist today thanks to a direct request from our global category merchant.

Clare Blunt’s challenge, following the consumer demand for our Hard Boiled WunderEggs in 2023, spurred us into action. Despite initial uncertainty, I promised to make it happen.

My team had the freedom for extensive R&D, and after rigorous testing and trials, we conducted a sneak peek release last December, selling out twice!

This opportunity fills me with immense gratitude.

2. The Family:

I forwent Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks, and my family supported me unwaveringly.

My husband, is on more carpool threads with the moms in the neighborhood than I am :)

My kids and extended family provided the space and understanding needed as I juggled work during their visits.

3. The Team:

Both past and present members showed relentless dedication, bringing their best every day.

Achieving more with limited resources is a formidable task, and their commitment and perseverance made it possible. They run through walls, and negotiated every contract there is to negotiate!

4. The Manufacturing Partner:

We owe our success to our contract manufacturing partner’s dedication, meticulous attention to detail, and unwavering belief in our vision.

WunderEggs are extremely hard to make. When the list of ingredients is so simple, the process becomes ‘everything’!!

The trained crew of eighteen line team members are what make the dream of such a unique differentiated product even possible.

5. The Collab x Fabalish Foods:

Their grace in allowing us to test and iterate several versions of the Devilish Wunder Mix, made with their upcycled Aquafaba-based vegan mayo, was invaluable.

Together, we crafted a unique, delicious ready-to-eat squeeze-and-twirl mix for WunderEggs egg whites.


It truly takes a village, and I am overflowing with gratitude for every investor, and partner who contributed to making this new product launch a reality!

Thank you so much everyone for your support,

-Hema Reddy

Founder & CEO, Crafty Counter


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