Why did we create WunderEggs?

Why did we create WunderEggs?

World's First Whole Food Plant Based Hard Boiled Egg Alternative

Dear Friends,

What if I told you that you could eat eggs every morning – whether you’re a vegan, vegetarian, or meat-eater who is trying to cut down on animal products? Not only could you eat eggs, but they would be plant-based, satiating, have muscle-building protein, and zero grams of cholesterol? Oh, and they would taste incredibly like “real” boiled eggs!

“This is pure nostalgia. I haven’t eaten boiled eggs in three years since I turned vegan and these taste just like boiled eggs!”

If you’ve read any of my writing before, you’re probably starting to get an idea of my personality. I didn’t want to eat factory-farmed chicken eggs anymore, but I didn’t want to never eat eggs again. Letting the story end there just wasn’t going to work for me – hah! How could I make a plant-based egg that would look like a hardboiled egg, slice like a hardboiled egg, and taste incredibly like a hardboiled egg? And, to make the challenge even greater – how could I do that without using strange ingredients and chemicals? One of Crafty Counter’s core values is to only produce food that uses ingredients in their natural states. We keep our food simple, pure, and wholesome. No small feat if I were to recreate the hardboiled egg!

“Whoa! The texture and mouthfeel are mind blowing!”

Every product we have starts the same way – with me, in my kitchen, sleeves rolled up, trying version after version until I deem it perfect. Thankfully, my family is very supportive…and hungry! Friends - I am so excited to announce that we did it!


At the end of this year, we will be launching WunderEggs – nut-based eggs that look like hardboiled eggs, slice like hardboiled eggs and taste incredibly like hardboiled eggs. They give you similar nutrition as chicken based eggs and have no cholesterol whatsoever. Store them in your refrigerator for an easy and portable snack any time of the day. You can eat them straight from the refrigerator or let them come to room temperature. As you probably guessed, my favorite thing to do is to slice them and eat them on wholegrain toast with sliced avocado and a sprinkle of everything bagel seasoning.

What was the driver that led me to create WunderEggs? Well, when I find a good thing, I tend to stick with it. Every other morning I love to slice a hardboiled egg and layer it over avocado slices, which I’ve fanned on top of toasted whole wheat bread. I finish the whole thing off with a light sprinkle of everything bagel seasoning and then I devour every last crumb.

I rarely deviated from my delicious routine until the pandemic hit and I had more time on my hands in which to take a deeper learning dive into our food systems. Suddenly my morning egg and avocado toast was not the simple pleasure it once was. 

hema holding WunderEggs

Worldwide, 7 billion male chicks are culled each year simply because they can’t lay eggs.

That was really my wake-up call. I love eggs - as in I could eat them every day for breakfast love them - but suddenly I didn’t feel the same boiling an egg and slicing it for my avocado toast. For me, my easy breakfast had become layered with so many other considerations. My pleasure had become a guilty pleasure and that is NOT how I like to roll. I wanted to help the poor chicks out!

Initial taste tests have met with favorable reviews, and I couldn’t be more thrilled! On top of that I’m excited that, together, we can all make an impact on our food system and its effects on the Earth. Substituting your regular boiled egg with a WunderEgg might seem like a small action but imagine the difference we all can make – vegetarians and meat-eaters alike – if we choose a plant-based egg instead of a chicken egg. Even if it’s just substituting one egg per week. Our choices may seem small, but when we join together with other like-minded and kind-hearted people, we truly can make an impact. And, when doing so is delicious – even better!

I can’t wait for you to try WunderEggs and to hear what you think!

-Hema Reddy

Chief Tinkerer @ Crafty Counter

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