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The Story of a Brand Podcast Interview with Crafty Counter CEO

This week, Crafty Counter Founder and CEO, Hema Reddy, interviewed with Story of a Brand Podcast to discuss sustainability, the evolution of Crafty Counter and exciting announcements happening very soon. 

Check out the episodes below:

Crafty Counter – Making Plant-Based Eating a Wow Experience 

Crafty Counter – Healthy Cooking Doesn't Need to be Hard 

In the first episode, podcast host, Ramon Vela and Hema discuss the Crafty Counter brand, challenges of building a company and some very special announcements coming soon from Crafty Counter! Hema also offers expert advice to upcoming entrepreneurs and what it takes to make an impact in the Consumer Packaged Goods industry. 

In the second episode, the focus switches to the evolution of our products as well as our sustainability standards. At Crafty Counter, we began offering both blended chicken and plant-based products. However, after talking with poultry farmers, Hema realized she needed to change the recipe to be fully plant-based. "From supporting families to impacting the climate and future generations, the brand re-launched with a true plant-based mission last year." 

Now being a fully plant-based brand, Hema and Ramon discuss our upcoming product launch – the most innovative plant-based egg product ever made.

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