Back to School Hacks - Breakfast and Lunch in a Cup!

Back to School Hacks - Breakfast and Lunch in a Cup!

What's not to love about two minute meals?!



Make it Monday with Fox 7

On this week's Make it Monday, we had such a blast with Lauren Petrowski, making two super easy dishes that can be eaten as breakfast OR lunch! No heating necessary.

Quiche in a cup - to be made by a toddler 6-9 yrs old

Or, as Rishaan likes to call it, eggs in a cup. Usually Rishaan makes his own eggs in the morning. However the one rule he has to follow, is an adult needs to monitor the gas stove operation, i.e. turning on and off. During the times I am occupied (or, still sleeping lol!) he likes to make them in a coffee mug. They just come out perfect in a quiche like consistency.

Rishaan Reddy

Rishaan Reddy, Crafty Counter


  1. 1 egg
  2.  chopped bell peppers
  3.  chopped broccoli or spinach
  4.  1 tbsp of mixed cheese
  5.  salt
  6.  pepper
  7.  2 tsp of milk (dairy or almond)


    1. Mix all ingredients in a cup (Pro tip - make it the previous night or day to save time during rush hour).
    2. Pop it in the microwave for 1.5 to 2 minutes.
    3. Let it rest for a minute in the cup
    4. Pop it out into a plate and there you have it! Delicious eggs in a cup!

    Eggs in a cup 

    Muffin in a cup

    We all have those smart tips in our back pocket to just ship out at crunch times. Well, we are all about crafty tips and getting smart in the kitchen ;)

    This recipe is all thanks to my sister, Ankita Chopra who introduced me to it two years ago. And now, it has come in so handy on numerous occasions! Here's a paleo version I love!


    1.   1 tbsp almond flour or almond meal
    2.     1 tbsp coconut flour or meal
    3.     1 pinch of baking soda
    4.     1 tbsp of coconut sugar
    5.     4-5 raisins
    6.     waluts
    7.     crushed fresh blueberries
    8.     1 tbsp of ghee
    9.     anything else you love as a cake or muffin ingredient :)


    1.     Mix it all up
    2.     Pop it in the microwave for 1.5-2 minutes
    3.     Let it cool until a knife runs through clean
    4.     Serve with honey or eat it up by itself

    Hema Reddy with Lauren Petrowski and Rishaan Reddy

    Hema Reddy with Lauren Petrowski and Rishaan Reddy

    Enjoy folks! All those special hugs, those tears of joy, those heart heavy drop offs and pickups and so much more that a new school season brings.

    Hero tour

    We also announced that we will be going on a hero tour to share our story and sample wundernuggets at different grocery stores across TX for the next two months! How exciting is that :) It has been a long fun journey so far with Crafty Counter. What started as sharing our passion about food and smart eating, has finally culminated in bringing Wundernuggets to stores across Texas and nearby states.

    Love and hugs

    Love and hugs

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