Meet our marketer, fitness and dance trainer!

Meet our marketer, fitness and dance trainer!

Licensed Zumba instructor, trained in spinning, Bollywood dance, and weight-based workouts

Allow us to share a bit about our rocking team member - Usha Rao

Usha was 4 when she started dancing to Bollywood music and there has been no turning back! Today, she teaches Zumba, Bollywood dance and functional group workouts like spinning, strength&conditioning, metabolics, and TRX.

"I always was passionate about dancing and fitness, never did I miss any sports activity in my school and loved playing basketball and badminton. The first time I came across the sport frisbee, I was in awe! I learned the game and played a state tournament that year. It's funny how I also injured one of my eyes during that period and yet played with no fear!"

Usha is a computer science graduate and worked with IT companies for 2 years but she quickly realized that her passion lies elsewhere. She switched from coding to creative and over a span of 7 years she gained experience in marketing, events management, theatre, and dance! 

We loved shaking a leg with her at our Appreciation Party 2019 wherein she choreographed a flash mob!

"It initially seemed impossible as I had to teach bolly steps in 5 days to people living in the US who were not familiar with the music, but I was surprised to see everyone catch up so fast and the performance was a hit!

She lives in India and works in the city, Bengaluru, also known as the silicon valley of India. Known for its south Indian food, temples, and historical places, Bengaluru has options galore for restaurants, from local joints for authentic Indian food to multi-cuisine restaurants for global good!  She loves to explore and enjoy eating different cuisines but never stops counting calories!

"Workouts are only 60% the rest 40% is your diet and often tends to forget that they both go hand in hand"

At Crafty Counter, we believe in making every moment count, be it marketing or dancing the night away, working out, traveling to explore. Our passion for what we love to do holds us together, nothing like to learn and grow to be better every day and thats what keeps us going!


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