Ace your back to school transition

Ace your back to school transition

It's that time of the year again when school bells ring and little feet shuffle back into classrooms. As summer draws to a close, parents and kids alike embark on a new chapter of learning, growth, and cherished memories. However, with the back-to-school period comes the familiar stress of ensuring our kids are nourished, both in mind and body.

We've got you covered with some expert advice from our super Parents in the community!

The Time-Management Pro

"We maintain a shared calendar with color-coded events, making it easier to keep track of school schedules, extracurricular activities, and family commitments. It keeps us all on the same page and reduces last-minute surprises!"

- Jeff

The Zen Mom

"I introduce mindfulness exercises into our mornings to set a positive tone for the day. We take a moment to breathe, and I encourage my kids to express gratitude for simple joys. This mindful practice brings tranquility and empowers them throughout their day."
- Maya

 The Eco-Friendly Enthusiast

"We make 'eco-charts' with small eco-friendly challenges for each day of the week. From turning off lights when not in use to picking up litter, we instill an eco-conscious mindset in our kids, helping them become responsible global citizens."

- Jenae

The Snack Guru

"I create a 'Snack Station' in the kitchen, filled with an array of wholesome goodies like fruit slices, veggie sticks, and air-popped popcorn. My kids can easily grab a nutritious snack whenever hunger strikes, promoting healthy eating habits and minimizing those after-school munchies!"

- Laura

The Activity Maven

"We plan a weekly 'Adventure Day,' where we explore nature trails, visit museums, or engage in creative art projects. This not only sparks curiosity but also gives our kids a chance to unwind and bond with the family after school hours."

- David

The Super Organizer

"Preparation is key! I create a weekly schedule with colorful sticky notes for each family member, including packed lunch ideas and extracurricular activities. This way, we can breeze through our mornings with ease and stay on top of our routine!"

- Jennifer

The Lunchbox Queen

"I plan a weekly lunch menu with a mix of plant-based options that my kids love. From crunchy veggie wraps to fruit kabobs, I pack their lunchboxes with reusable containers to reduce waste. They're excited about their meals, and it's a win-win for our planet too! The current favorite? Egg salad sandwich made with WunderEggs!"

- Selena

Amidst the excitement and anxiety of back-to-school preparations, ensuring that our kids receive balanced nutrition is a top priority. With WunderEggs, you can breathe easy, knowing that they are indulging in a wholesome meal packed with healthy nutrients, clean ingredients, and an added boost of plant-based protein.

WunderEggs are crafted with care to offer children the best of both worlds: a deliciously familiar taste with the added benefits of plant-based nutrition. The versatility of WunderEggs extends beyond the breakfast table. Whether used in to top a veggie bowl, in a crunchy wrap, or an egg-salad sandwich, they complement a wide array of plant-based dishes that excite young taste buds and fuel their active lifestyles.

Happy Back-to-School!
Team Crafty 

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