WunderEggs Launches First Line Extension with E'thing Wunder

WunderEggs Launches First Line Extension with E'thing Wunder


Crafty Counter Launches E'thing Wunder: A Limited Edition Extension to the Viral WunderEggs

Austin, Texas — September 25, 2023 Crafty Counter, the Austin-based pioneers of plant-based innovation, just launched their latest creation, E'thing Wunder. This limited “edition” drop, already being called the new snacking sensation, is a step towards providing consumers with a more robust nutritional punch with every bite.

Crafty Counter first turned heads with their revolutionary product, WunderEggs. These vegan hard-boiled eggs, crafted from simple, wholesome ingredients like almonds, cashews, and coconuts, shattered expectations and developed a fanatic evangelist community by delivering an exceptional taste, texture and sensory experience that's true to life. 

E'thing Wunder is an extension of the original WunderEggs. It’s  the founder Hema’s in-house developed special blend of her take on the wildly popular “everything but the bagel” seasoning, combined with nutrition-powerhouse hemp hearts, creating a flavor sensation like no other. Packed with plant protein, omega-3s and 6s, and essential minerals, this seasoning is a culinary delight that simultaneously nourishes your body and excites your taste buds.

WunderEggs are a testament to Crafty Counter's mission to combat global issues like bird flu, with fun nutritionally wholesome egg alternatives. Laser focused on innovation, Crafty Counter is hard at work on future products that will eliminate the reliance on chickens for most if not all of the egg applications.


Discover the snacking sensation of E'thing Wunder, launching exclusively via their website.. Learn more by visiting www.craftycounter.com.


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