Crafty Counter Launches Deviled WunderEggs in Collab with Fabalish Foo

Crafty Counter Launches Deviled WunderEggs in Collab with Fabalish Foods

Vegan Deviled WunderEggs Are Here Just in Time for Holidays!

Crafty Counter Launches Deviled Eggs As A Holiday Special

For all the egg-free foodies out there with a hankering for deviled eggs, it's time to break out the party hats! Crafty Counter has heard the call and is ready to make your appetizer dreams come true.

After releasing their Hard Boiled WunderEggs, the team kept their ears perked for feedback from their beloved customers. Turns out, the deviled egg was the top dog! So, they dove into the kitchen and began whipping up the perfect recipe. 

deviled wundereggs

Finalizing the formula for vegan deviled eggs

Crafty Counter CEO and Founder, Hema Reddy, had been working on a recipe for a deviled mix for quite some time. However, she didn't want to settle for simply creating an in-house product. Hema wanted to collaborate with a brand that shared her company's values of clean ingredients and wholesome nutrition.

After consulting with her advisor, Angela McElwee, a natural product expert, and Michael Costello, a food and beverage leader, they zero'ed in on Fabalish Foods. Fabalish's clean label organic mayo and their innovative use of aquafaba – a byproduct of processing chickpeas – stood out among all other options.

When the Crafty Counter team learned about Fabalish's inspiring story and the journey of its founders, Jess and Paul, the partnership was a no-brainer.

deviled eggs

This is Fabalish's Jessica Gebel's story:

Jess grew up on "TV dinners" and fast food, which led to a variety of challenging health, gut, and skin issues. This led her on a life changing health journey, where she learned that food, real rood, is medicine. A cleaner, plant-forward diet changed her life.

Compromise is not in Jess’s vocabulary. Having enjoyed the mid-western comfort foods of her youth, she was determined to cook healthy and delicious. After winning on the Food Network, Jess used the cash prize to get her culinary degree from the Natural Gourmet Institute. From there she became a private chef for families with dietary restrictions, where she discovered her passion for chickpeas and aquafaba. Fabalish was then born, with a mission of fixing our food system with plant-based, organic, clean and simple ingredients. 

Bringing it all together in record time!

The Crafty Counter squad, made up of unstoppable go-getters Lauren Claire Smith, Sara Torres, and Vanesa Wragge, pulled off a mind-blowing launch in just two months! They did it all to show gratitude to the amazing WunderEggs shoppers who have been there, supporting them all the way.
We're thrilled to present this special release to you, but don't be shy, let us know what you think! This is a first of its kind, and the team is eagerly waiting for your feedback and reviews.
Hema and the team are constantly working on improving the product, so brace yourself to be dazzled! The Wunderful team is determined to keep pushing the limits higher and higher.

Where can you purchase DEVILED WUNDEREGGS? 

The product will be released into stores nationwide in 1H2024. Currently they are only available on

The new packaging is intentionally designed to pull in the smoky color of paprika and adds to the existing stellar lineup of modern and minimal design. 

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