Fox 7 - Healthy Tasty Dips That Pair Well With Wundernuggets

Announcing Wundernuggets Launch on Fox 7

Hema Reddy, and her son Rishaan Reddy showcased Wundernuggets and the upcoming regional launch across TX and nearby states with host Lauren Petrowski and the crew at Fox 7 Good Day Austin. They shared their mission on how moms are heroes for their sons and how sons can be heroes for their moms by helping make small meals.


Hema Reddy | RIshaan Reddy | Lauren Petrowski

To communicate the message of clean eating, Rishaan made a yogurt dip, great for finger food, like veggies, nuggets, fish sticks and salad.

Hema made a creamy veggie dip with fresh veggies

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