Crafty Counter over the years

Crafty Counter over the years

Wunder-ful fam,

Crafty Counter was founded with ONE simple goal in mind: help families eat more plants. 

With the new year we are feeling a bit emotional, a bit nostalgic, as if we are shedding our old skin and getting under a new skin but with the same soul within. 

Go down memory lane with us as we're getting sentimental!

  • 2018 - We launched WunderNuggets, a 50% chicken and 50% vegetable blended product at Central Market, TX. Howdy!  

  • 2019 - Saw adoption with one of the top US retailers and made our entrance at Walmart. Huge milestone for our little team! 


  • 2020 - We hit new heights with the launched of WunderNuggets at select locations of Target, AND tripled our store count with Walmart. Totally crazy! What was crazier is the realization that COVID-19 made evident, the harsh reality of how fragile our food systems are. Hema's family switched to a plant-based lifestyle and started developing more plant-based egg options at home. 


  • 2021 - After learning more about factory farming & impact of animal agriculture on climate change, we fully discontinued our chicken blended product and rebranded to our 100% plant-based WunderBites. We opened up with a bang and launched them at Target, Thrive Market, and Kroger Direct Ship. As if the year couldn't get any better, our WunderBites made their entrance at Sprouts!


  • 2022 - Perhaps our most defining year as a business - a year of tenacity, courage and conviction, as we overcame some hard curveballs and pivoted to become a 100% plant-based egg alternative company.


Some might say we're putting all of our eggs in one basket, and we're egg-cited to take on the egg world and reimagine how people eat eggs, the kind way. 

Join us!

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