The Ultimate Snackdown: Battle of the Brands

The Ultimate Snackdown: Battle of the Brands

We are egg-static to announce that Crafty Counter is competing in the “Battle of the Brands: The Ultimate Snackdown” contest this week! The winner of this battle will be featured in a new national TV show called Behind the Wrapper, hosted by no other than celebrity gameshow host, Marc Summers! 

Battle of the Brands aims to highlight the best of "Better For You" brands looking to make a difference in the Food & Beverage world. Safe to say that our missions align and it would be a huge win for our team to make the cut! We would be honored to receive your vote and support.



But there's something in it for you too: every time you vote, you'll be entered to win a FULL YEAR supply of the winning brand! On top of that, you'll receive an exclusive discount for your next purchase on

Visit to vote. The battle ends Sunday, August 28. Help us get the spot!

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