Arugula Pecan Salad with WunderEggs

Arugula Pecan Salad with WunderEggs

Ready to make a delicious vegan salad with WunderEggs? WunderEggs are the first true to life plant-based hard boiled eggs and they're launching this year! We're giving you a sneak peak at how to eat WunderEggs with this arugula pecan salad created by founder, Hema Reddy. 

WunderEggs are made with nuts, offer a similar nutrition to chicken eggs and are mind-blowingly delicious. Sign up here to be the first to know when we launch them.  


  1. Layer some arugula in a salad bowl

  2. Slice some cherry tomatoes

  3. Drizzle vegan caesar salad dressing

  4. Sprinkle vegan feta cheese 

  5. Cut some WunderEggs into pieces

  6. Top it off with some toasted pecans

  7. Mix and eat!

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