Crafty Counter | Arugula Salad with WunderEggs

Arugula Salad with WunderEggs

 Prepare your taste buds for a burst of freshness with this summer staple salad. Crisp arugula, vibrant bell peppers, and the creamy goodness of WunderEggs come together to create a delightful mix of flavors. This refreshing salad is the perfect balance of textures and tastes, providing a satisfying and nutritious meal. Get ready to elevate your salad game with the addition of WunderEggs.

Founder and CEO, Hema Reddy, whips up another amazing recipe featuring WunderEggs. WunderEggs are the world's first vegan and plant-based hard-boiled eggs. Made from 100% plant-based ingredients, our delicious nut-based eggs are full of protein, minus the cholesterol.

This 5-minute salad is the perfect lunch on a busy day.



    1. Slice up some sweet bell peppers.
    2. Add arugula to a bowl.
    3. Layer in sweet bell peppers and WunderEggs.
    4. Add your dressing of choice. 
    5. Sprinkle some vegan cheese on top. 

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