Crafty Counter | Spinach Salad with Vegan Hard-Boiled WunderEggs

Spinach Salad with Vegan Hard-Boiled WunderEggs

Welcome to a world where vegan hard-boiled eggs exist and make for the perfect salad pairing. Meet WunderEggs, the world's first whole food, plant-based and vegan hard-boiled eggs. WunderEggs are made with nuts and offer similar nutrition to a chicken egg minus the cholesterol.

Perfect for a light lunch option, our Spinach Salad is a true delight. Fresh baby spinach leaves mingle with a medley of toppings, including our WunderEggs, of course. The creamy texture and subtle flavor of our vegan hard-boiled eggs perfectly complement the vibrant greens and the assortment of complementary ingredients. Get ready to enjoy a refreshing and nutritious salad that will leave you feeling nourished and satisfied.

We created WunderEggs because our commitment at Crafty Counter is to make plant-based eating a WOW experience. Our simple yet innovative family of foods is driven by our insatiable curiosity to do things better—for you and the planet.

Enjoy one of our first recipes using WunderEggs in a classic spinach salad and yes—these taste just like the real thing!


- Handful of spinach
- Cashews, to taste
- Roasted corn, to taste
- Tomatoes, to taste
- 2 WunderEgg halves
- Red onion, to taste
- Dressing of choice, we used balsamic


    1. Take your WunderEgg halves out of their packaging and cut them in half, making a quarter-sized portion.
    2. Toss spinach, tomatoes, cashews, onion, and corn in a bowl.
    3. Add dressing and toss again.
    4. Top it off with WunderEggs and enjoy!


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