Vegan WunderEggs Crostini

Vegan WunderEggs Crostini

WunderEggs are the world's first whole food plant-based hard boiled eggs and Crafty Counter is bringing them to market this year! WunderEggs are made with nuts and offer a similar nutrition to chicken eggs. If you're a vegan who misses eggs, WunderEggs will absolutely blow your mind.

This 5 minute crostini recipe is the perfect vegan appetizer for any type of get together. 


  1. Slice some baguette bread

  2. Sprinkle oil & toast on pan until crunchy on both sides

  3. Layer the crostini on a platter

  4. Add arugula

  5. Place WunderEggs on top

  6. Prepare a marinade of olive oil + Italian seasoning mix

  7. Drizzle the marinade on the eggs



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