Announcing Our Walmart Launch at KXAN/NBC News!

Announcing Our Walmart Launch at KXAN/NBC News!

Hema Reddy on Woman Crush Wednesday

All about the new flavors, ways you can eat them and stores where you can buy them!

Hema Reddy showcased the new line of Wunder Nuggets varieties and the upcoming launch at Wal-mart stores across the US, with host Rosie Newberry and the crew at NBC Studio 512 News over their segment that features women entrepreneurs, called "Woman Crush Wednesday". How cool is THAT title, y'all?!

Watch the streaming video of the segment:

Hema what makes Wunderuggets unique. "With this recent lineup, I am so proud to share our latest development of coating our flexitarian chicken-based SKUs in chickpea flakes. Talk about tasty nutrition in and out", says Hema.

There are 5 flavors in this new lineup with a design refresh - Rosemary Chicken and Cayenne Chicken are the flexitarian nuggets packed with 50% chicken and 50% veggies and plant-based protein. Coated with chickpea flakes, these flavors are a super healthy, and nutritious power pack meal not just for kids but everyone else in the family.

Minty Lentil, Harissa Bean, Turmeric Lentil are 100% plant-based nuggets with sustainable plant proteins and veggies, all seasoned with variety of spices to bring the global flavor to your palette. 

She also showed a few simple ways of how one can make them in the toaster oven in just about 8 minutes and serve it as a salad topping, wrap, or veggie skewer.

When asked about what's coming next, she shared her recent expansion of distribution with Walmart. There are more than 200 stores of Wal-mart where customers can find Rosemary Chicken, Cayenne Chicken, and Minty Lentil Wunder Nuggets as of today. Find their nearest store on our store locator page.





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